Thank You, Cheese Guy

June 6

Hey, the Cheese Guy got back to me! Yes, he did, with the following text: “We cracked a new wheel of Parmesan and I wrapped you a piece on cheese paper, as you requested.”

So today’s post is brimming with comfort and joy. Sorely needed, after the last few. I get some cheese today!

Ok, maybe this is not the answer to the plastics problem. Everyone can’t be asking their own personal Cheese Guy for special treatment, complete with texting intimacy, but – wait!

Maybe this is the answer! Maybe if we all start asking for this kind of treatment, eventually Cheese Guys across the country will report back to their retail industrial complex superiors that there’s been a run on cheese paper, and THINGS WILL CHANGE. Maybe we will start a movement…

…Time out for grandiose daydreams …

Ok, I’m back. In more good news, some of you have been trying to help me out by notifying me of places where I can buy plastic-free products: many thanks. It turns out that Lush, for example, sells solid shampoo. I am not endorsing products, but I can tell you right now that I am headed (stress-punning again) over there this afternoon.

Real live plastic-free shampoo that I don’t have to make myself!

Yes, this is a good day.


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