I am not a homesteader

June 4

Ok, let’s recap. I can’t buy toothpaste. I can’t buy shampoo. I can’t buy yoghurt. All of these things come in single-use plastic containers. A short Google expedition (hope never dies) leaves me with the dismal knowledge that the answer offered by individuals who care is to make these things themselves.

I am not a homesteader, people. I have a day job. And I like commercial products. I am partial to the way my shampoo smells (of course, that is probably a whole other damn-the-environment conversation, if I decide to look into it. Which I will not). Just reconstituting dinner from frozen food at the end of a long day can be a stretch, am I right?

The answer to this plastic problem, at least for me, is ultimately not to join yoghurt-making co-ops or brush my teeth with baking soda and salt. Not that I have anything against yoghurt-making co-ops. They are one good answer, but they are not THE answer. In my case, for example, my time is super-limited, and I have already made the impulsive commitment to allocate that one “spare” hour to writing this blog. So I’m done.

Also, what are the chances that you, and the other 326,311,214 people in this country, are going to switch from single-use plastic to make-your-own-everything? I’ll go out on a limb here and say: 0%. Nor should we have to. There has got to be a better way.

For now, however, I may have to make do. Say something to me if you notice this blog deviating into “how to make your own yoghurt in your slow cooker” or “how to clean your kitchen with vinegar and baking soda.”

But since my motto is: “tooth health is the cornerstone of civilization,” I’ll let you know how the baking soda and salt works.

We’ll discuss toothbrushes tomorrow.


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