No more dishwashers?

Day 10 As I promised yesterday, I am here to report the results of the old-school investigative reporting I did today instead of eating lunch. I checked out all the lunch-worthy places near my office (by lunch-worthy I mean: places in which I can actually get food for a relatively reasonable price and eat it […]

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All the things I cannot eat

June 9 As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, I have a day job. And as part of that day, I like to head outside and find something delectable to bring back to my office for lunch. I admit it, I don’t often pack my lunch (a whole other challenge which we can discuss […]

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It’s Everywhere

June 8 We are going to play a little game I call “Where’s Plastic”? The photo collage below shows some products that tricked me into thinking they were plastic-free. Nice cardboard cartons, I thought. I’ll order a drink at a bona fide restaurant that uses real place settings, I thought. I will pay twice as […]

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This is not cheese

June 7 Acting on the tip of a friendly commenter to this blog, I rushed off to the store “Lush” to check out the concept of solid shampoo. I have to admit that the overwhelming fragrance almost chased me right back out, but in the interests of research (and of being able to exchange money […]

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Thank You, Cheese Guy

June 6 Hey, the Cheese Guy got back to me! Yes, he did, with the following text: “We cracked a new wheel of Parmesan and I wrapped you a piece on cheese paper, as you requested.” So today’s post is brimming with comfort and joy. Sorely needed, after the last few. I get some cheese […]

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Crisis of Faith

June 5 Today I woke up with severe second thoughts about this whole thing. I know, it hasn’t even been a week, and maybe it was fueled by secret resentment that I couldn’t have yogurt with blueberries for breakfast, but I had to ask myself: am I thinking about this all wrong? I mean, apparently […]

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I am not a homesteader

June 4 Ok, let’s recap. I can’t buy toothpaste. I can’t buy shampoo. I can’t buy yoghurt. All of these things come in single-use plastic containers. A short Google expedition (hope never dies) leaves me with the dismal knowledge that the answer offered by individuals who care is to make these things themselves. I am […]

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